Educational project:”Customs and Traditions in Europe”

The project can be seen as highlighting the similarities and differences between popular cultures of various parts of Europe.

The project aim is to confront the ideas and methods,  original ways and means by which the  teachers of today contribute to civic moral and aesthetic education of students. We consider  appropriate to watch as the people`s real treasures  not be lost in oblivion or neglect.

This partnership seems to be a functional way through which teachers can get in direct contact with culture, they can return to the source, to whatever is authentic, to constitute what is called love and pride “national identity”.


The first stage is to obtain a good and valide project for the both institutions.

Second is to establish the responsabilities .

An approximate calendar may include:

1. The Cristmas and the customs who preced and are after Cristmas.

2. Traditions in February

3. Customs in March

4. The Easter in diferent cultures.

5. Others traditions in june.

6.Project completion.

We want to work at least once a month but in certaines cases we may work every  two months. We want to spend some time in the library, in the museum of art, taking pictures, singing Cristmas carols, drawing national costumes or being dress by those. In fact, the project might be an  opportunity for us to  renew the customs and traditions everywhere in Europe.


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